Flight reservations during Obon holidays increase 13%

Airlines flying domestic routes to and from Okinawa are having a banner Obon travel season this year as reservations for arriving and departing flights at Okinawan airports during the Japanese Obon holiday season from Aug. 10 to 21, total 663,735, which is 12.7 percent more than a year ago. The total number of available seats during the same period is 795,992, a 3% increase from last year.

Airline officials point out that the Obon holidays in Japan this year coincide with the Obon of the lunar calendar that is used in Okinawa, and this may have caused the increase in reservations.

JAL reports they have 125,467 reservations for flights to and from Okinawa that is 4.7% more than the last year. The number of flights between Naha and Haneda in Tokyo, and Naha and Itami in Osaka has been increased from last year, and there will be one extra return flight Naha-Itami during the Obon holidays.

ANA has 346,411 reservations, an 11.6% increase. Scheduled flights between Japan mainland and Okinawa remote islands, as well as flight to/from Kyushu have been increased from the last year. In addition, ANA will offer extra sic flights on Naha-Haneda and Naha-Kansai routes.

JTA, the Okinawa-based subsidiary of JAL, reports 119,036 seats reserved that is 15.9% more than 2015. JTA will have 44 flights between Naha and Miyako, and 22 flights between Naha and Kumejima during Obon.

RAC, which operates routes between Okinawa and remote islands, has sold 14,956 reserved seats, a 24.5% increase. The company reports an increase on all of its 11 routes, except on Naha-Miyako flights.

Skymark Airlines say the company has 57,865 reservations to and from its Okinawa destinations that is 31.4% more than last year. The company has increased the number of seats on its flights and its reservations have increased accordingly.


21:51 27 Feb , 2024