Governor to hold regular press conference Thursday

Governor Takeshi Onaga is having a regular press conference at the Prefectural Office tomorrow (Thu), the first in a year and 3 months.

Onaga has held the regular press conference three times, Feb. 13, Mar. 20 and May 15, 2015, since he was elected the governor in Dec. 2014. Since the first three, there has been no regular press conference because the business of coping with the problem in Henoko has taken most of his time.

Subsequently, the Public Relations Office of Okinawa Prefecture has held extraordinary press conferences to explain governor’s ideas and thinking in the meantime. Now the press requested to set up an opportunity to ask the governor about other than the U.S. base-related matters, like economics or welfare systems, which Governor Onaga accepted.

Regarding the regular press conferences by Okinawa governors, former Governor Keiichi Inamine held a press conference every Friday as a rule. His successor Hirokazu Nakaima continued to hold the conferences regularly every Friday during his first term. During his second term, the press conferences became less frequent for the reason of the governor’s increased official duties although the rule still remained.


04:39 17 Apr , 2024