JA starts shipping earliest Satsuma Mikan oranges

JA Okinawa shipped Tuesday the season’s first Satsuma Mikan oranges from the Einoushinkou Center in Nago City. The shipment was the earliest in all of Japan. Officials at JA say the fruit were available in stores in and out of Okinawa on Wednesday.

According to JA, the mikan crop this year is good, as there has been no typhoon damage and very a little effects of cold weather. Officials at the cooperative expect that the average price would be ¥270 per kilogram, the highest in all 18 years JA has sold them. The oranges of this year’s crop are said to be well-shaped and of the highest grade with high sugar content.

The total crop this year is expected to be 231 tons. Last year the mikan crop totaled 184 tons.


09:29 17 Apr , 2024