Kanucha Bay releases CD by local artists

Kanucha Bay Resort in Nago held a press meeting at Live House MOD’S in Chatan on Jul. 25th to announce the release an original CD containing songs of 11 local musicians.

A spokesman for Kanucha Bay Resort explained that making the CD is a way for the resort to support the young artists, and get the public to know them. However, the CD is not released immediately for sale. Instead, they are installed in the 1,600-car fleet of Nippon Rent-a-Car through September.

This is the fourth consecutive year Kanucha Bay Resort releases a CD. The songs on the CDs are musicians who performed on stage during the nightly “Fantasia Music Gift” performances, which Kanucha Bay presents every November. A similar series of concerts is scheduled again for this November.


09:44 17 Apr , 2024