Large camping facility, workshops planned for Yagaji

Nanmanui Nature Resort that runs Aloha Hotel on Yagaji Island is opening one of Okinawa’s largest camping facilities with an area of one hectare this October.

Planners at the resort are also envisioning offering lessons in karate, sanshin, and Ryukyu dance with support from local groups in order to foster more and new kind of interaction between visitors and local people. They aim at developing a friendly and casual hotel that is different from an ordinary resort. They want to introduce different kind of Okinawan charm to domestic and international tourists.

The camping facility is located within a special wildlife protection area in the Okinawa Seashore National Park in Nago City. Its rises 20 meters above the sea level and offers a 360-degree view for campers to see both the sunrise and sunset.

Campers will stay in folding-type tents with a capacity of four people each. The tents will be pitched on 50-square-meter decks that are raised one meter above the ground. Each deck is equipped with a shower room and a toilet.


13:00 04 Mar , 2024