Nago man becomes first Takae protester arrested

According to Nago Police, a 36-year-old man from Nago City allegedly dragged a police officer behind his motorbike, and was arrested for obstructing a police officer performing of his duty on Thursday.

The man has reportedly been taking part in a sit-in protest against a construction of a helipad in Takae. While in custody, the man reportedly has said that he can’t talk about the incident now, but he denies having committed a crime. He is the first sit-in protester who has been arrested.

Reportedly, when the man was driving his motorcycle on Route 70 in Takae, Thursday morning, a male police officer asked him to stop. He then suddenly started his bike and took off dragging the police officer along the road. The officer was holding onto the man’s right arm in order to make him stop. The officer suffered a scrape on his knee.

The place the incident happened is away from the site of the sit-in protest against the helipad construction in the Northern Training Area of the U.S. Marine Corps, and the man acted on his own.


09:42 04 Mar , 2024