One more suspect arrested following Chatan pot raid

Officers from Naha Police, Prefectural Organized Crime Control Division and Kyushu Regional Bureau of Health and Welfare Narcotics Control Department arrested a 23-year-old man from Chatan on July 31st, on suspicion of possessing cannabis.

According to Naha Police, Sei Hirano from Kamisedo, Chatan Town was arrested on suspicion of possessing an unspecified amount of cannabis after police raided the house of 22-year-old Kyosuke Ebita on July 24, and arrested Ebita and eight other persons who were on the premises.

After questioning the arrested, investigators suspected that some of the cannabis found in Ebita’s house belonged to Hirano, who was not present during the raid, and arrested him on July 31st.

Police say that Hirano is denying the charges.


  • Ivan George

    Its sad that the Japanese authorities are arresting people for pot. People are affected negatively and have serious problems from alcohol use and drinking is a celebrated past time in Japan. These is a lot a good things that come from Japan, but arresting people for marijuana use is shameful and the Japanese authorities should rethink it its policy. Nobody gets hurt by using marijuana!

12:00 26 Mar , 2023