U.S. Marine arrested on suspicion of DUI

Naha Police arrested a 26-year-old U.S. Marine in Naha, early Wednesday morning, on suspicion of driving under influence.

According to Naha Police, a police patrol stopped a car driven by Sgt. Scott James Supranowicz, stationed on Camp Schwab, at 5 a.m. on a street in Kumoji, Naha, after he made a turn without using a turn signal. A subsequent breathalyzer test showed that Supranowicz had about double the legal limit of alcohol in his breath and he was arrested.

When questioned, Supranowicz admitted that he had a few drinks the night before but said that he thought he had no more alcohol left in his system. He had another U.S. service member accompanying him in the car, who was not arrested.

The U.S. military “liberty restriction” forbids staying overnight south of Camp Kinser, and bans drinking in a bar or restaurant after midnight. The personnel also have to be back on base or quarters by 1 a.m.


23:55 25 Feb , 2024