Sep 29 ~ Oct 5


Sharing good moments in life, as well as responsibilities and common experiences is the key to get others appreciate you. Of course, you know your own value, but sometimes it seems that some others do not. Take a chance to ask over the weekend what you need, but make sure it’s a request, not a demand.


Some financial problems seem to be on the verge of getting resolved. Do not let your pride to get on the way. Temporarily changing your surroundings would do wonders to you, but whatever you do, the key is flexibility. Something that you have waited forever is finally coming true, so enjoy it to the fullest.


You physical energy level is at its peak. A new hobby could be a good challenge, and wake up your imagination and intelligence. Although you are likely to encounter several attractive opportunities of romantic nature, you work schedule could pose a conflict. Try something new and different this weekend.


You can say goodbye to any doubts that you have had regarding intentions of your partner. Life is full of surprises, and after an initial shock you will adjust to the new situation soon enough. This is a very romantic period in you life, and it promises to continue for some time. This would be a good time to make a commitment.


The company of friends and your relatives has been the source of inspiration for you lately. You should try to keep this up as much as possible. Do not forget that those people value your experience and time as days go by. Early next week you can expect your long-time plans regarding you career to gain new vigor.


A relationship that has shown positive promise seems to have its flame snuffed off. You should try to make time together in order to rekindle the passion. At your work, finding solutions to some very simple problems could prove to be more rewarding that you had thought. Do not hesitate, but take a big, bold step forward.


An unexpected source of extra income could show up and trigger a shopping spree. However, you should aim for moderation as you can expect your expenses to go up in the coming weeks. There could be some frustrating moments at your work, and that makes using your weekend for relaxation that much more important.


You should thrive to help others at this time. They are ready to accept your advice and suggestions. You can’t expect the opportunities that are about to open up for you to be repeated. In a matter of fact, taking it too easy could prove to be costly in both socially and especially in monetary terms.


You are busier and more stressed out than for some time. At times you feel that people are pulling you in every possible direction. The only way to get through is to make sure that no one is going to disturb you over the weekend, and then stick to this plan. It would be easier for you to relax if you plan ahead in detail.


You should understand that love has its peaks and valleys, so there’s no need to hurry to make firm decisions. Sometimes companionship is more important than passion, as it creates a feeling of safety and continuity. If you want to reward your partner, you should rather give your time than some material gifts.


You can expect some fantastic moments with your lover this weekend, and that will give wings to your imagination. On the other hand, you may miss your old flame, but what was so special about it? Would it be possible to relive the past? If you are not ready to move forward, don’t. You know when the time is right.


You can expect lively social life this weekend with many gatherings to attend. You may think that you have enough friends already, but then new faces could be even more exciting. You will have an answer soon enough. Think carefully about your choices before moving ahead in a certain direction.


12:28 22 Apr , 2024