41% of Okinawans in 20’s have thought about suicide

The Nippon Foundation announced results of a large-scale awareness survey about suicide that was conducted among 40,000 men and women in Japan aged over 20.

According to the results, 25.4% of them, or one in four, have seriously thought about suicide, and 6.8% have actually tried to kill themselves. The foundation’s trial calculation result says that more than 530,000 people have tried to kill themselves within a year.

As for Okinawa, the rate of people who have thought about suicide is 27.5%, and 41.7% of them are in their 20’s.

According to the results of the awareness survey by the Cabinet Office in 2012, 23.4% of men and women over 20 had thought about suicide. It’s a fact that the number of suicides in Japan is decreasing. However, the Nippon Foundation suggests that people need support against suicidal thoughts.

41.7% of people in Okinawa within the age group of 20-29 have thought about suicide. 36.1% in the age group of 30-39, and 32.9% in the age group 40-49 have thought about it.

All of these results exceed the national average. Especially, the results from persons ages 20 to 29 puts Okinawa in the 8th place among all the prefectures.

The percentage with ages 50-59 is 29.3%, with ages 60-64 it’s 18.2%, and with over 65 the percentage is 12%.


12:15 22 Apr , 2024