B.League opening match live on giant TV at Koza Music Town

The inaugural regular season match of the new Japanese professional basketball league, known as B.League, is played today between Ryukyu Golden Kings and Alcark Tokyo at Yoyogi Gym in Tokyo.

The game starts at 18:30 and is broadcast live on OTV, local channel 8. It is also shown live on a giant TV screen on the 3rd floor hall of Koza Music Town. The TV screen in the Music Town is 487 cm wide and 273 cn high. The venue has 400 seats and admission is free.

A raffle will be held at half time with five T-shirts commemorating the opening of the B.League going to lucky winners.

For more information, call Koza Music Town at 098-932-1949.

01:53 24 Apr , 2024