Destination weddings showing strong increase

Okinawa Prefecture Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports announced Wednesday that 6,553 couples came to Okinawa to have destination weddings during the period from January to June this year. The number is 394 more than the last year, an increase of 6.4%, and the highest ever for the first half of the year.

80% of the new couples were from Japan, totaling 5,633 couples that is 109 more than the year before. The rest came from foreign countries, totaling 920 couples, which is 285 more than last year. The number of foreign couples visiting Okinawa for their nuptials is increasing prominently. Most of them are from Hong Kong, and the rest from Taiwan and China.

11 municipalities in Okinawa have a system to accept and recognize a registration of marriage of a foreign couple. 70 couples registered their marriage in Yomitan, 45 in Onna, and 33 in Kunigami. The total number of such registrations was 186, of which 156 were couples from Hong Kong.

The number of people coming to Okinawa to attend the weddings here including the couples was 109,000, and they spent at least an estimated ¥10.4 billion during their stay.

The survey was collected from the total of 48 companies, including wedding planners and operators of chapels and photo shooting sessions.


11:49 22 Apr , 2024