FamilyMart stores in Okinawa exceed 300

Okinawa FamilyMart announced Wednesday that the number of their stores in Okinawa has exceeded 300.

FamilyMart Ishigaki Isobe store and Ishigaki Seed store were just opened on the same day, and the two branches put the total number over 300. Their first store in Okinawa opened in 1987 in Naha City, and they have reached the 300-level on the 30th year from opening the first store.

Both new two stores on Ishigaki used to be Coco! Stores branches. FamilyMart opened its first store on Ishigaki in 2014, and they currently have 15 on the island.

The number of FamilyMart stores has increased rapidly because of the acquisition of Coco! Store chain. Okinawa FamilyMart says that with Coco! Store’s know-how as a convenience store operator in Okinawa, they are going to challenge new product development.

In Okinawa, Lawson has more than 200 stores, and 7-eleven, the national No.1 convenience store chain, is planning to open stores here from 2018.


02:04 24 Apr , 2024