Flu prompts suspension of two classes in Okinawa City

Two classes at Mito Junior High School in Okinawa City have been suspended because of a breakout of flu. The classes are cancelled for four days from Sep. 27 through Oct. 1.

Okinawa City Board of Education decided to suspend the classes after 10 of the 78 students were found infected with the flu on Monday. This is the first suspension in any Okinawa City school since one class in Mito Elementary School was closed in June.

The Board of Education is urging all students to wash their hands carefully and use facemasks when possible in order to avoid spreading the flu.

Among other schools in Okinawa City, Misato Junior High and Elementary Schools, Goeku Elementary School and Hiyagon Elementary School have reported having one student each infected with the flu.


13:10 22 Apr , 2024