Sep 8 ~ Sep 14


The coming week is giving you a chance to start from a clean slate. If you need to show leadership you must take the initiative. You have to take care of business no matter what, so it matters more who you know than what you know. Timing is everything and you should take every advantage you can from the network of your friends and colleagues.


Do not rush, but instead make sure that everything gets done the right way. Make sure that you have the right information, as some influential people are watching you just now. Your creativity is at its peak, and coming up with new ideas is no problem. But you must watch out for a possible burnout and make sure you relax during the weekend.


You brain works now as fast and sharply as your tongue. That could irritate people, so you should pay attention to what you say. When you fight for what you want, being able to act in a relaxed manner gets you halfway there. Try to get people around you on your side by using your charm. It’s very possible that you are closer to your goal than you think.


Sometimes people get a second chance, and you are going to get a chance next week to do something better than before. Don’t let your pride to stay on the way. And although you are eager to get ahead with your plans, avoid too quick compromises. Instead, you should work toward your goal, and make sure everyone else understands where you stand.


You know better than most how to stand out in a crowd, and now is the right time to do just that. It’s a high time to start making your life more pleasant, and the time to change is now. The struggles in your past will start paying dividends if you allow them. So the key is to take a close look at the mirror, and take yourself out of the way to your success.


You should pay close attention to your finances. Begin planning for the long haul as the situation around you changes only slowly. The way to get ahead is to spot opportunities before others do. Knowledge is not only power, it’s also money in the bank. But being busy at work is no excuse for you to push romance to the background.


As your love life is going strong it would be tempting to let less pleasant matters to take care of themselves. Most likely those have something to do with your finances, and they require your immediate attention. You have to make decisions. Burying you head in the sand does not help at all. The weekend promises to give you a chance to be pampered.


Your work is now in the forefront of your life, so it’s that much more important for you to make careful plans for the weekend. Otherwise there is a significant other who would blame you of being indifferent, and not caring enough. Keeping you physically fit should be a priority. Being busy at work is not an excuse for not exercising regularly.


This is dynamic time in your life, and you can really affect your future in a big way. You should ignore advice from outsiders and instead work with people you like and admire. That also would help you to overcome stress. You should delegate as much as you can, and concentrate on the big picture and achieving your goals. Don’t get stuck in details.


You are too smart to believe everything that you hear. Double-check you information, especially concerning money. There is something that has given you anxiety, but that turns out to be an illusion. You should think whether someone has caused you heartburn on purpose by making this a bigger deal than it actually is. And if so, what’s the motive.


This is a time for social activity. Someone who has admired you for a long time could finally come out, and tell you about his or her feelings. But be aware, shyness easily cuts the wings of the best of intentions. Passions are quick to get fired up, and could take you by surprise. If your intention is to answer “Absolutely not!” do it tactfully in order to preserve harmony.


Are your finances giving you a headache? This is the time to save. Grab even the smallest of opportunities now, as that would benefit you much in the long run, especially if you have put your heart and soul in the effort. You also should be brave. Hesitation could leave you looking on when someone else takes the prize, and then it would definitely be too late.


12:54 22 Apr , 2024