Sep 22 ~ Sep 28


This weekend you will be the one in the limelight, with many people very interested in you, but everyone for different reasons. There’s also one who’d like to get to know you romantically, but others are attracted by your creativity. This is a very good opportunity to show at work what you can really contribute.


Your worries concerning your job and finances are on the mend. You are likely to hear some good news that you have waited for a long time. Working as a team, you have to bring out your best skills, as there is something that is worth money. Once you figure out what that is, don’t waste any time getting into action.


Sometimes things happen that are too good to be true, and that’s what you can expect this weekend. Make sure you take full advantage of the situation. A worry that you’ve had regarding someone close to you should ease up without you needing to do anything. Maybe you have worried too much for no good reason.


There are always new situations in the life that come up, to which you have to adjust accordingly. And although you’ve had more than your share of challenges lately, a turn for the better is in sight. The more flexible you can be, the better the outcome. You just have to let people around you to show that they care for you.


Although your life is going through an especially hectic period, healthy living habits and regular rhythm with your routines would help you to keep balance. And if you feel that you are working too hard and with too much responsibility, remembering that the reward is also high will give you energy to force ahead.


You will be given a chance to show what you can do, and you should take everything you can for your benefit. There’s a chance to gain much extra both financially and spiritually from the experience. Make sure you keep the schedule. Although you could feel that pressure is almost too much, it’ll be worth it.


It would be best to concentrate on one project at a time. Most likely this has something to do with your home, where some changes are in the works. But you have to be alert also at your work, even if many things are dividing your attention. Some people could also try to take advantage of your situation.


This weekend you have to learn something; that is to take advice or help form those around you. Try to take it easier and let others to take charge for a while. There are many fine opportunities available for you, if you only are ready to take them. Most of all do not lose your faith in a better future waiting for you.


The keyword this weekend is flexibility. The more you adjust your schedule with plans of others, the better. Agreeing with something that you first had no interest in could seem to be difficult, but there’s a good chance that you will change you mind. The key is to know all the facts, and then be positively surprised.


You may feel that there’s not enough living space around you, both physically and mentally. A solution to your dilemma is there, but it could take a little time. In the meantime, you should figure out something else for you to do. Maybe you could try a new hobby. Next week everything is looking better anyway.


Your confidence is at its peak. You know what you are worth, but you will also notice those people who do not appreciate you, and you have to figure out a way to enhance your image in their eyes. Ask yourself, how would other people know what you can do if no one tells them. Make sure you give time for people to consider.


Something or someone is lighting a fire under your feet, and many people think it’s about the time. At the same time, this could surprise others, as your attitude is much stronger than it ever has been. As days go by, it will become clear for you what is your position in all of this, and that is a relief in itself.


10:23 18 Jul , 2024