Hoshino Resort Hotel to open in 2019 in Yomitan

Hoshino Resorts, a company operating 35 resorts and hotels both at domestic and international destinations, is proceeding to construct a high-class resort with 100 separate villas on the coast of Yomitan Village.

The company has already started securing landowners’ consent in July in order to apply for development permission and, according to company officials the basic plan will be finalized soon. The construction is scheduled to start as early as summer 2017 with aim to open the resort in 2019.

Currently, Hoshino Resorts operates “Risonare Kohamajima” and “Hoshinoya Taketomijima” in Okinawa, and the planned resort in Yomitan will be the third and Hoshino’s first hotel on Okinawa main island.

The resort will be constructed as a part of a development area with 330,000 square meters of land in Gima, Tokeshi, and Takashiho in Yomitan Village, where hotels like Nikko Alivila and Zanpa Misaki Royal Hotel are located nearby. Hoshino Resort acquired “Okinawa Umino En” in the area in February 2015.

At the general assembly meeting of the landowners’ group in Yomitan held in May, Hoshino Resort explained about their plans. The landowners’ group also decided to cooperate with Hoshino. The chairman of the landowners’ group says that, “We are pleased that we can have Hoshino Resort, one of the most famous hotels, to develop this area.”


03:13 24 Apr , 2024