Intensity Low 5 earthquake occurs off Amami Island

An earthquake with an intensity of Low 5 took place off Amami Island yesterday. The quake registered with an intensity of 3 on the northern part of Okinawa Island about 14:20 on Monday.

On the main island of Okinawa, the intensity varied from 3 to 1 depending on the area.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency report, the center of the shock was on the sea floor 44 kilometers deep near Okinawa Island. The tremor caused no tsunami.

Japan Meteorological Agency said in its warning that there is a possibility of falling rocks and landslides. They also say that there is about a 10 to 20% possibility for another earthquake with a similar intensity to occur in the same area.

According to the local fire departments and police, the earthquake caused no damage or injury I the area.


11:46 18 Jul , 2024