Makishi public market to be reconstructed on same site

Naha City has published plans to rebuild the Makishi public market due to the deterioration of the current structure that mostly dates back to the ‘50s. The new market facility will be built on the site of the current market.

City officials held a brief session for citizens and market merchants on Wednesday, there they explained the plan to operate the market in makeshift stores while the new market is under construction. The reconstruction is scheduled to start in 2019.

Naha City had initially proposed the “Nigiwai Hiroba” area as a site for the reconstruction. However, the merchants of the market opposed it. Subsequently, the city drew up a basic plan to reconstruct the market on the same site, and suggested the plan to set up makeshift stores in the “Nigiwai Hiroba” before 2019 when the reconstruction would start. The temporary market stalls would be used until the new market is completed.

As the temporary site would not have space for everyone, the city promised to pay compensation to merchants who can’t be located in the makeshift stores.


12:32 22 Apr , 2024