Malakas damages houses on Yonaguni, crops on Ishigaki

Malakas, the strong 16th typhoon of the season is currently located south of Shikoku and heading east north-east at the speed of 35 km per hour. It caused scattered rain showers and thunderstorms on Okinawa’s main island but no damage.

Yonaguni Island, the westernmost island in the Ryukyu chain was no so lucky, as it the typhoon came very close on its way to north. According to a Sunday damage report from Yonaguni Town, 66 of the 464 family houses on the island were damaged, although none was destroyed completely. 50 warehouses and other buildings and three vehicles were destroyed.

On Ishigaki Island east of Yonaguni farther from the typhoon’s path, officials reported about ¥8 million in damages to agricultural produce like okra.

The typhoon dumped 331.5 millimeters of rain on Yonaguni Island and 236.5 millimeters on Iriomote Island between Friday and Sunday.

Two flights to and from Yonaguni were cancelled on Sunday. Okinawa Passenger Boat Association said 186 scheduled boats and ferries were cancelled in the Yaeyama area.


21:17 20 Jul , 2024