New commercial/housing complex rising in Yamazato

Old housing and shops in Yamazato, Okinawa City, along Route 330 are making way to a 3-story commercial complex now under construction. It’s all part of an urban redevelopment project to replace a number of old dilapidated low-rise buildings along Route 330 north of Plaza House.

Main tenants of the complex include a MaxValu food supermarket, clothing store Shimamura, and Drug Eleven drugstore. It will house a regional medical and childcare support facilities as well.

The redevelopment area covers about 13,000 square meters, and includes two residential buildings, the abovementioned commercial facility, and parking lots that will be constructed in the area of 8,000 square meters.

The residential buildings will have 10 floors above the ground and two underground. They consist of 70 units, half of them rental and the rest resident owned condos. The complex will have parking for 310 cars on the street level and two floors underground. The project reportedly has a price tag of about ¥6 billion total.


02:46 24 Apr , 2024