Okinawa experiences record hot summer 2016

Okinawa experiences record hot summer

Average temperature in Okinawa Prefecture during the three summer months from June to August was the highest on record, according to Okinawa Meteorological observatory.

The observatory figures show that the average temperature during this summer in Okinawa was 29.4 degrees exceeding the long-term average by 1.1 degrees centigrade making the summer the hottest since the records were started 1946. The previous hottest summers were in 1991 and 1998 when the average temperature was recorded at 29.1 degrees.

There are eight observation stations in Okinawa; Naha, Nago, Kumejima, Minamidaito-jima, Miyako, Ishigaki, Iriomote, and Yonaguni. At seven of the stations, except Minamidaito-jima, the average temperature exceeded 29 degrees and was the highest ever.

The average temperature on Ishigaki rose to 30.1 degrees exceeding the 30-degree line for the first time since observations started 119 years ago in 1897.

The observatory also said that the sunlight hours were 10% longer than the average, and the precipitation was 20 percent lower.

The sea surface temperature in the southern parts of the East China Sea was 28.8 degrees, and in the seas south of Okinawa 30.1 degrees, both of which exceed the average by 1.2 and 1.1 degreed respectively.

According to the observatory, because of the combined effects of the global warming and the end of the El Nino phenomenon in the spring, many cumulonimbus clouds occurred over Indonesia and the Philippines, causing a strong downward air current around Okinawa, which led to a high atmospheric pressure over Okinawa that, in turn, led to higher temperatures and stronger sunlight.

The temperatures in all other parts of Japan were also far higher than the average.

Although Okinawa main island has experienced no typhoons so far this year, four of them found their way to mainland Japan.


21:31 20 Jul , 2024