Only 5.1% of managers in Okinawa are female

Teikoku Data Bank, Okinawa Branch, has announced results of its survey on attitudes regarding female employment in Okinawa.

According to the survey, females hold only 5.1% of managerial positions in businesses in Okinawa. Although the figure is 1.2% higher than last year, it’s lower than the national average of 6.6%. 55.6% of the companies taking part in the survey answered they have no female managers, which is higher than the national average of 50.0%.

The rate of female employees is 24.2%. This figure is 3.3% lower than last year, and is almost the same as the national average. The survey was sent to 175 companies in Okinawa Prefecture, and 54 of them returned the answers.

The rate of female executives, such as company presidents, is 5.2%. The figure is 0.5 points higher than last year, but lower than the national average of 8.7%. 59.3% of companies have no female executives.

Industries with high rate of female managers are the service industry with 8.2%, the manufacturing industry with 6.7%, and the wholesale business at 4.8%. The rate for large enterprises is 6.8%, and for mid-size and small enterprises 2.5%. The survey shows the smaller the company is, the smaller the rate of female managers.

22.2 % of companies predicted that the rate of female managers would increase, and 31.5% said they are actively recruiting and expecting more women to join their workforce.


02:48 24 Apr , 2024