Road in Ishimine caves in after typhoon

Although Okinawa has been spared so far from direct hits of any of the season’s typhoons, some of them have brought heavy rains while passing by in the distance.

A 20-meter-long portion of a road in Ishimine Town, Shuri, Naha City, sank in, because of heavy rains from the passing 13th typhoon of the season. No one was injured and no property damage caused by the heavy rain was reported.

According to Naha Fire Department, a local resident called at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday to report that the road had sunk in. The firemen covered the road with a blue tarpaulin.

The site is near the Ishimine housing complex. A construction worker who worked nearby pointed out that it was not only because of the typhoon, but also the previous typhoon had brought much of heavy rains. He said he did not see the moment the road sank, but said he had heard that it sank in slowly.


02:09 24 Apr , 2024