Snorkelers stranded in cove off Yomitan

Five people on a snorkeling tour were stranded in a cove off the shore of Yomitan Village, Monday.

An emergency call Monday morning alerted the rescue team at Nirai Fire Station in Chatan that a number of people had been stranded in an offshore cove at Nagahama, Yomitan Village. When firefighters from Nirai Fire Station arrived at the site, they found that one instructor together with four participants of a snorkeling tour were stranded in the cove. All of them had light injuries, but all were rescued by 10:30.

Originally there had been a total of 13 people, including three instructors in the group. Eight of them, including two instructors, had been able to get to the shore by themselves with the instructors’ guiding them to use floats.


12:06 22 Apr , 2024