Strong winds for ships to change schedules

Three cruise ships that were scheduled to enter or leave Naha and Hirara ports were forced to change their schedule, Tuesday, and about 6,200 passengers were left stranded on the ships because of strong winds caused by the passing typhoon no. 13.

Cargo ships carrying aviation fuel and green groceries were also forced to change their schedule of entering the Naha Port.

The 51,000-ton SuperStar Aquarius entered Naha port at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, and was supposed to leave at 6:00 p.m. on the same day. However, the ship was forced to change its schedule and postpone its departure from Naha to Wednesday morning because of high waves.

The 75,000-ton SuperStar Virgo was scheduled to enter Naha, but because of the weather conditions, could not, and had to wait offshore close to Aguni Island.

The Golden Princess, a 109,000-ton cruise liner, entered Naha Port and was scheduled to continue to Hirara Port, Miyako Island. Strong winds forced the ship to change its destination to Ishigaki Port, but it could not enter the port there either, and was left waiting off the coast of Ishigaki Island.

According to a spokesman at the Okinawa Ships Agency, a shipping agent, this was the first time this year that the cruise ships could not leave Naha Port.

A tanker with 1,600 kiloliters of aviation fuel sought emergency shelter at Unten Port in Nakijin. The plan to refuel the storage tank at Naha Airport was rescheduled for Thursday or Friday.


03:07 24 Apr , 2024