Taxi fares to rise on remote islands

The Transport Department of the Okinawa General Bureau announced that taxi fares on the remote islands of Okinawa would rise Oct. 1st.

The higher fares will be applied to 427 taxis of 26 taxi companies that have applied for revising the fares. The bureau accepted the request in order to improve working conditions for taxi drivers. The fare rise on the remote islands is the first in eight years since July 2008.

After the fare change, both compact and mid-size taxis will be recognized as passenger cars. The basic fare for 1.167 kilometers will be ¥460, with ¥60 added every 341 meters. Compared to the present fare for a mid-sized taxi, the basic fare is the same, and the addition is ¥10 less. Compared to the present compact-size taxi, the basic fare is ¥30 higher, and the addition is the same. 90% of all taxis on the remote islands are compact-size cars, so the fare increase is substantial.

It is calculated that taxi companies will earn 6.06% more profit after the fare increase. The Transport Department says that the increase will enforce the sound management of the taxi companies while maintaining the drivers’ level of earnings.

The General Bureau has reportedly studied the matter since the taxi companies on remote islands applied for the increase in February. The bureau also decided that taxi fares on Okinawa main land would rise, supposedly this November, after the completion of deliberations among taxi companies, representatives of users and the government.


03:32 24 Apr , 2024