Tokyo temp agency acquires American Engineering

Outsourcing Inc., a temporary employment agency based in Tokyo, has reached a basic agreement to acquire American Engineering Corporation (AEC), a general contractor with head office in Ginowan City.

Outsourcing Inc. is acquiring 100% of issued shares in AEC owned by the chairman and the president of AEC. The deal will be reportedly formally finalized by the end of October, and Outsourcing Inc. will make AEC a wholly owned subsidiary on Apr. 1, 2017 after getting the necessary approvals from American authorities. The current employees of AEC will continue in their jobs after the acquisition.

By acquiring AEC, Outsourcing Inc. aims to enhance its business base, and enter the U.S. base servicing industry in full scale as the service demand from the U.S. bases is expected remain stable.


03:03 24 Apr , 2024