Typhoon Malakas closing in on Okinawa this weekend

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, a tropical cyclone currently located east of the Philippines has evolved into the 16th typhoon of the season and named Malakas.

The typhoon is currently heading northwest at 25 kilometers per hour. Malakas has a central atmospheric pressure of 965 hpa, and the maximum wind speed near its center is 45 m/s (85kt), gusting at 60 m/s (120kt). Winds within a radius of 220 kilometers of the typhoon center are over 15 m/s.

According to Okinawa Meteorological Observatory, the typhoon is gaining strength as it heads northwest, and is likely to turn north and approach Okinawa area by the weekend. The observatory warns that the weather may be stormy and the seas rough from Friday.

Typhoon Meranti that was named the strongest super typhoon of the year in the region has made a landfall in China, and its effect on Okinawa has subsided.


12:40 22 Apr , 2024