Typhoon Megi causes damage on Sakishima islands

Typhoon Megi, the 17th typhoon of the season, passed Yaeyama and Yonaguni islands on its track westward on Tuesday.

On Yonaguni, maximum winds of 52.8 m/s lashed the island. 1,990 households in Ishigaki City, Yonaguni Town, and Miyakojima City experienced power outages caused by the typhoon. Damage to shipping containers and broken trees were also reported.

The typhoon weakens as it proceeds to China, and strong winds in Yaeyama area were expected to cease by Wednesday morning. The typhoon had an atmospheric pressure of 965hpa and maximum sustained wind speed of 35 m/s gusting up to 50 m/s near its center, as of 21:00 on Tuesday. Strong winds of more than 25 m/s affected an area within a radius of 220 kilometers from the center.

Maximum wind speed of 48.7 m/s was recorded in Taketomi Town on Hateruma Island at 10:40, while 40.8 m/s was measured in Tonoshiro, Ishigaki City at 9:12.

According to Okinawa Passenger Ship Association, 281 resularly scheduled ships were canceled between Okinawa Main Island, Miyako, Ishigaki, and remote islands on Tuesday. Ships between Naha and Minami and Kita Daito islands were postponed until Wednesday.

Japan Transocean Airlines canceled 26 flights, Ryukyu Air Commuter 21 flights, All Nippon Airlines 29 flights, and Solaseed Air 4 flights, which caused 728 passengers to have to reschedule their trips.


03:29 24 Apr , 2024