Unimat Precious to build luxury resort on Ishigaki

Unimat Precious, a company of the Unimat Group in charge of resort business, is planning to open a luxury resort named Hotel Allamanda Ishigaki, in Miyara, Ishigaki City, in the southeastern part of Ishigaki Island.

According to the plan, the hotel will have a total of 310 rooms, which would make the new hotel the largest of Unimat Precious owned hotels. The construction is scheduled to start as early as April 2017. The aim is to open the hotel in summer 2018.

The hotel site area is 100,000 square meters, and the hotel itself would have a total floor space of 43,000 square meters. There will be three man-made lagoons on the premises. The seven-story main building as well as more than 30 other buildings including guest cottages will be built around the lagoons. The main facility will be designed to double as a tsunami shelter.

The new resort is targeting domestic and foreign high-income visitors. The total construction cost is estimated to exceed ¥20 billion.

The company held a meeting Tuesday to explain the plan to local residents. The residents had expressed concerns about the environmental impact of the resort. At the meeting, a company representative explained that the resort would be constructed conserving the landscape, like having a forest on the property to shield the area from strong winds. They added that the company plans to assist the development of the region by hiring 100 local employees and giving the priority to using local products in the resort restaurants.

Unimat Precious operates currently four facilities including villas and exclusive hotels like The Shigira and Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda on Miyako Island. The company has also bought a 99-hectare property north of Maesedake, Ishigaki Island to construct an 18-hole golf course. The Hotel Allamanda Ishigaki will be the company’s first exclusive hotel on Ishigaki.



02:28 24 Apr , 2024