Volleyball player Zayasu to play next season in France

Kotoki Zayasu, an Okinawan woman volleyball player and a member of the Japanese National Women’s Volleyball Team, will transfer to one of the top teams of the French volleyball leagues for the season 2016-2017.

According to Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Volleyball Team, Zayasu’s current team and one of the top teams in the Japanese premier women’s volleyball league, the team has agreed to transfer Zayasu to Racing Club Cannes for the upcoming season 2016-2017. Racing Club Cannes is one of the top teams in France that has won twice the European championship. Zayasu will play for Cannes from Sep. 1st, 2016, to Jun. 30th, 2017.

26-year-old Zayasu went to Agena Elementary School in Uruma City, and played volleyball for Takaesu Junior High School and Chubu Shogyo High School teams. She is only 159 cm tall, and has been one of the key players of the Japanese National Team in many tournaments, such as the World Grand Prix in 2013 and the World Cup 2015, since she was chosen to the Japan National Team in the World Cup 2011. In the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games this summer, Zayasu played as a receiver.

The Japanese women’s volleyball team played against taller and more powerful players from all over the world, and ended up in the 5th place in Rio. In an interview after the games, Zayasu said that she felt she hadn’t trained enough her serving, receiving and digging.

On the team’s website, Zayasu wrote about her determination for the new phase in her career that she would do her best in order to be able to come back to her home team mentally and technically more powerful. The team made a comment hoping that she would come back home having grown a lot.


03:25 24 Apr , 2024