Woman Marine arrested for hit and run in Uruma

Uruma Police arrested a woman Marine for failing to report her car accident and leaving the scene in Katsuren, Sunday morning.

According to police, Herbie Valentina Avila, a 23-year-old Marine corporal stationed on Camp Forster, was arrested after she drove her car into a parked vehicle on a prefectural road about 6 p.m. Sunday in Katsuren, Uruma City. She then left the site of the accident.

A local man who was in the car that Avila rear-ended chased her, and called police after she crashed into a concrete wall about 200 meters away.

When police arrived and tried to talk to Avila, she reportedly refused to speak, and she was arrested. Police say, Avila understood the fact that she was arrested, however, she refused to talk about the accident.


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02:14 24 Apr , 2024