Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival seeks sanshin players, event participants

The executive committee of the 6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival taking place from Oct. 26 through 30 is inviting participants to “Umanchu Grand Sanshin Celebration” concert scheduled for Oct. 30. The concert is expected to feature up to 6,000 players.

In addition to the sanshin players, the committee is looking for participants to the opening & closing ceremonies, as well as for the Grand Finale event.

Singer Rimi Natsukawa is scheduled to perform at the opening ceremony, while bands Begin and Diamantes are slated to appear at the grand finale. Admission to the events is free. Volunteers for the festival are also welcomed.

For details, please check the multi-lingual festival website at For information about the Umanchu Concert, call 098-861-7007, and for questions about the opening & closing ceremonies, call 098-866-8060.


12:40 22 Apr , 2024