2-story private house burns down in Shuri

A two-story private house in Ishimine-cho, Shuri, Naha City, burned down early Saturday morning. Naha Fire Department fighters managed to put down the fire by around 4:30.

There were three residents in the house when the fire started. A 86-year-old man suffered burns on his ears and right foot, and two women, aged 80 and 56 were taken to a hospital for smoke inhalation.

According to neighbors, they heard explosive noises several times when the fire started. Kazumori Okada, who lives in an apartment behind the house, said, “I heard explosive sounds at least three times. I escaped from my apartment early in case the fire would cover the way.”

According to Naha Police, the fire blackened the walls of adjacent private houses on the north and the east sides of the burned house. Naha Fire Department and Naha Police are investigating the cause of the fire.


11:34 23 Jun , 2024