Oct 6 ~ 12


You have a good opportunity to get ahead, so this is the time to put all of your contacts to the best use, and get some valuable advice from your colleagues to help you. Outside of your work, you should mostly enjoy quiet evenings with your loved ones. The best would be if you could make the others feel something special.


Next week you will get a good chance to show off at your work. If you can catch the eye of certain influential people, you can expect your ideas pay off quite handsomely. Any disagreements are best taken care of with honest face-to-face discussions. No drama, only a civilized analysis of various possible alternatives works best.


You are very attractive in the eyes of other people at this time, and it’s almost like you have some kind of magnet that pulls people towards you. Have you met someone special who has made you ooze self-confidence and satisfaction? Do not hesitate to offer help to people who have power and influence at your work place.


If you’d think about your successes in the past, you would easily notice how many positive experiences you have had. It’s easy now to build on those experiences and successes. Because of the plans you have made in the past, everything could be put together very quickly, but first, you have to take the initiative yourself.


Pay attention to money, as there could be some expensive days ahead. It’s easy for you to get along with others, so you should be open about your ideas and wishes. You will get a positive reception as long as you keep your ideas practical. Small steps to improve your current situation are more important than giant leaps.


You have to pay attention to your surroundings, both at work and home. This week has positive vibes, and everyone is willing to cooperate. Some projects that seem to have stalled are showing signs of new life. You social life is also getting a boost, as you have caught an eye of someone with great talent. Stay in touch with him.


You should go through both your long and short term plans. This would be a time to concentrate on teamwork. Being conscious on your money does not mean that you should close your eyen on good opportunities. Good timing and making well thought of decisions is more important than ever to ensure the best outcome.


It has been a challenging and energetic week, so you should plan for a peaceful and relaxing weekend. Although all planets point to a positive period in your love life, indecisiveness could create frustration. The right antidote would be a chance of environment. Even a short trip would do wonders and get your harmony back.


Take it easy this weekend. Coming days require planning in advance before acting. It could be that old time-tested means are the best in this case. In some matters, taking certain distance, and a neutral stance, could provide you time to think about details more carefully. Do not rush into conclusions whatever you do.


Imagination and creative attitude are going to take you far. A possibility to try something new and exciting would be a source of inspiration. You may have to wait a little for your turn, but make sure that you are ready. And once you are up to speed, the biggest mistake would be to promise something that you can’t deliver.


Taking a short trip and meeting new people would be a promising start for the fall. It’s very important at this time that you are aware what is going on and where. Drifting around without a goal is out of question. It would have a negative impact on your life, and could very well be the cause of some serious problems ahead.


Regarding a certain new project you have just started, you could find yourself tackling the task all by yourself. Sometimes that could prove to be the best way, especially if you’d like to keep all reins in your own hands. Matching your needs and resources could take some time, but little by little everything will clear.


23:38 23 Jul , 2024