All broken elevators on Yui Rail stations fixed

All six elevators on various Yui Rail stations in Naha City that had been broken for a long period are now all fixed and in service as of Wednesday.

Both the elevator at the Gibo Station that had been out of use for more than three months since June 7, and the elevator at Tsubogawa Station that has been out of commission since July 12 are now working as of Sep. 28.

The elevator at Omoromachi Station that was broken on May 20 was fixed on Sep. 5th, and the Miebashi elevator that has been stopped since July 6th was repaired and in service since Sep. 23.

The Okinawa Urban Monorail Co., Japanese Government, Okinawa Prefecture, and Naha City held a joint meeting after the problem was discovered and, after initial confusion over who’s responsible to fix the problem, agreed to cooperate.

Okinawa Urban Monorail Co., announcing the completion of the repairs, apologized for the inconvenience for the public for such a long time.


10:26 04 Mar , 2024