Chatan aims to capture two sharks spotted off Mihama

Based on photographs, a shark expert has concluded that the two sharks spotted off Sunset Beach in Mihama most likely are bull sharks, a species that has a reputation of causing most injuries to humans throughout the world.

By Tuesday, two sharks had been spotted on two occasions, and by eyewitness accounts and photographs, Senzo Uchida, an emeritus curator of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and an expert in sharks, has judged them to be bull sharks based on the shape of their heads.

Shohei Matsuzaki, who’s responsible for keeping sharks at Churaumi Aquarium also visited the site, and recognized the two as bull sharks.

The sightings prompted Chatan Town to ban swimming until they can be sure that the sharks are gone and pose no danger to the public.

Chatan Mayor Masaharu Noguni has said that the town aims to catch the sharks. He says he hopes that the sharks would break into the jellyfish protection nets off the beaches as soon as possible. The town would also like to explore other means to capture the sharks with the help of Churashima Foundation and the local fishermen’s association.


10:22 21 Feb , 2024