Conflicting typhoon closings confuse working parents

All public schools on Okinawa Main Island were closed Oct. 3rd because of passing of the Typhoon No.18. However, some businesses and municipal offices were open as usual during the morning, and parents working at these offices were forced to search for a place where they could temporary leave their children.

Local buses were suspended at 11 a.m. prompting many civil servants with offices in the Izumizaki district in Naha City to rush for buses to head back home. The Okinawa Bus Association had originally made a decision at 4 a.m. to run the bus service as usual, expecting few effects of wind and rain. However, as the weather deteriorated they decided to stop the buses at 11 a.m.

Some offices close their business only when the buses are suspended, so most offices opened the same as usual. However, all public elementary, junior high, and high schools were closed because of the storm warning at 6 a.m.


21:56 20 Jul , 2024