Himeyuri Museum publishes English version of its guide

Himeyuri Peace Museum published Oct. 21st an English language version of its booklet “Himeyuri Peace Museum” in order to teach the world about the importance of peace.

The guide book was published once before in English in 2011, but it sold out and was never re-published. As the 6th World Uchinanchu Festival is held this year, people at the Peace Museum felt that it would be necessary to publish the English language version again, and started re-editing the book at the beginning of this year.

Museum Director Yoshiko Shimabukuro says that the English guide that everyone has been waiting for was finally published just in time before the festival. “We never start a war again, and want everyone know how life is important, which is our philosophy,” Shimabukuro stated.

The guide is written in very simple words in order to make it easy to understand. It contains many pictures and maps, and also interviews of people who actually experienced the war themselves.

Ikue Kina, a professor at the Ryukyu University and Timothy Kelly who is a specially appointed professor at the Ryukyu University made the translation fot this project.

The guide has 68 pages, is printed in full color, and is sold for ¥1,100 including tax. It will be sold at the museum and also through mail. Fore more information, call 098-997-2100.


07:52 01 Mar , 2024