Oct. 27 ~ Nov. 2


A very positive atmosphere is dominating your home, and that’s where you should concentrate your activities this weekend. You are motivated and inspired, although sometimes it could feel like your energy is running out. Listen to your body, and realize that even you need a rest sometimes. You are going to learn about a secret but you need to keep it to yourself for now.


Someone is going to tell you a rumor, but you should take it with a grain of salt. Maybe someone is trying to hoodwink you to act in a certain way. In any case, you should get to the bottom of it before acting in any way. This weekend it could be better for you to relax by yourself instead of playing with your friends. Although they are eager for your company, it could be tiresome.


You are full of energy and very prone for fast decisions at this time. No wonder, as you have waited for positive results so long. Some people tell you to be patient, but that doesn’t seem to get you anywhere. The main thing is to think what is it that you really want. There is someone who is waiting for you to give your answer this weekend. So, do not disappoint that person.


Early next week the vibes are very positive in regard of your career. Make sure that you have all the answers to key questions. Also, pay special attention to your appearance, so you can be at your best at any time. And make sure that you leave that appearance of hesitation and doubt to someone else. You must keep looking like the one who’s in charge here and can be trusted.


Your desire for challenge and adventure is waking up. And indeed, new experiences could really enhance your attractiveness. There’s also plenty of romance in the air, but you may miss it if you are too busy with other things. Try to organize some time, at least during the weekend, to concentrate on your partner or best friend. Business can wait until next week when you have plenty of time.


Half-baked ideas lead to half-done projects, in other words, those are all waste of time. So, make sure you plan everything properly. A decision to change something at home could lead to a livid discussion this weekend. You must defend your stance, as that is the only way you get what you want, and it also does wonders to for your self-confidence and status among your friends.


Love life and passions are on top of your agenda at this time. The next six months are very good time to make new friendships, and there’s a high possibility that you even meet someone who becomes the very special one in your life. If you have trouble relaxing, a friend can give you some worthwhile advice on how to shake the weight of daily routines off you shoulders.


You have tendency to leave everything to the last minute, and that’s one big reason for your stress. Organizing things ahead of time makes the life much easier for you. This would also be the right time to think about a romantic gesture towards a person who has been in your mind lately. You certainly are making a mistake if you don’t show your feelings openly at this time.


You have a wonderful ability to sheer up people around you, so you should use your talent to the fullest. Sometimes over the weekend you will remember someone whom you have missed a lot. The full moon can show you the way to the future. Remember that even the longest trip starts with a single step, and only you can take that first step. No one else will do that.


This time you should direct your thoughts to the future. You may feel that somehow you are not in the right place just now, but this kind of things can change in a moment. You can expect to get back something you have lost a while ago if you only trust to the power of your future. And of course, you have to put some effort to it yourself. But make sure what your wish for, as you may get it.


Maybe you feel that you are not ready for the next step either at your work or in one of your human relationships. Although it’s basically a good thing to be careful, the feeling of uncertainty and lack of faith is bothering you from time to time. You have to find balance, and the way to get there is by small steps. Simple and frequent small changes can lead to a big surprise.


On one hand, you don’t want a change, and on the other hand, you are just yearning for one. Even if anxiety of your future takes over at times, you should try to take it easier. By taking a little braver attitude you would have little to lose but much to win. Think about your future, but don’t think what is going to happen. Instead, think what you can do to get there.


07:37 01 Mar , 2024