Itoman goods booth opens at Itoman Road Station

A new booth that specializes in selling about 500 kinds of goods exclusively made in Itoman opened Wednesday in Yukura Market located at Itoman Road Station in Nishizaki, Itoman City.

The booth will sell a variety of products, like sea grapes, sweets made of fruits produced in Itoman, and a salad dressing made of sweet Churami carrots of Itoman. The dressing is not available anywhere else. Some products are priced lower than at local supermarkets.

According to Itoman Commerce and Industry Association that proposed to open the booth, the booth area used to sell general products. However, as many visiting tourists asked, which goods were from Itoman, the association decided to give it a try and prepared a booth offering only products from Itoman.

A manager at Yukura Market said, “If Itoman products become popular, we would like to open other similar specialty booths featuring goods and produce from Southern parts of Okinawa by arranging tie-ups with Commerce and Industry Associations of neighboring municipalities.”


11:20 21 Feb , 2024