Japanese ex-actress arrested for using pot on Ishigaki

Police and agents of the Narcotics Control Department of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry arrested former actress Sae Takagi, whose real name Ikue Masudo, on Ishigaki Island on Oct. 25th on suspicion of possession of cannabis in her house and a guest house run by her. Takagi has denied charge claiming the pot is not hers.

After retiring from the entertainment industry, Takagi moved to Ishigaki sometime in 2011, and started running a guest house business on the island.

She ran unsuccessfully for a seat representing a Tokyo constituency in the House of Councilors election as a candidate for the New Renaissance Party. In her campaign, she pledged to change the nation’s narcotics laws to accept cannabis for medical use.

The Narcotics Control Department agents searched her house and guest house, and found several dozen grams of dried cannabis, wrapping paper, and pipes.

The agents also arrested two men on suspicion of possessing small amounts of pot, who had been staying in Takagi’s house, and supposedly running the guest house.

The agents are grilling Takagi and the men to try to find out where the pot came from.


01:42 27 Feb , 2024