Nakagusuku welcomes 20,000th resident

Nakagusuku Village held a ceremony at the Village Office to celebrate its population exceeding 20,000. At the ceremony, Chihiro Miyagi, who was deemed the 20,000th resident of the village, received a memorial resident registration card and a gift of local products.

Takeshi Miyagi, Chihiro’s father who received the card on behalf of his daughter, said that he was so happy to have a healthy baby, and having her recognized as the 20,000th resident of Nakagusuku made him even happier.

Chihiro Miyagi was born in June 29, 2016, and her birth certificate was submitted to the Village Office on the following day. The village mayor said that he too was so happy to have the 20,000th resident in his community, and would like to make Nakagusuku Village comfortable enough for her to stay forever.


00:47 24 Jul , 2024