Nanto Shuzo replaces Nihede Beer with new craft beer

Nanto Shuzo, a maker of craft beer in Okinawa World theme park in Nanjo City, has developed a new craft beer called “Okinawa Sango Beer” (Okinawa Coral Beer) that uses ground water from Gyokusendo Cave the brewer calls “Coral Water”. The beer went on sale in shops on Okinawa on Oct. 1st as a successor to Nanto Shuzo’s Nihede Beer.

The ground water taken from 100 meters underground from the limestone cave contains plenty of minerals and calcium. Hops for the beer come from the U.S. and Germany, and the malt is imported from Canada. The new beer contains more hops than Nihede Beer and, because of adjustment in its ripening period, is said to be more flavorful.

The beer is sold in 330ml bottles, and is brewed in four variations; IPA (India Pale Ale), ALT (Altbier), KOLSCH, and BLACK ALE.

All variations have a 5-percent alcohol content, and are priced at ¥500 excluding tax. The brewer aims to ship out about 300,000 bottles per year. The brewery’s production capacity has been increased from 80 to 120 kiloliters.

The factory manager said that they were able to create the high-grade, lavish Sango Beer based on their 15 years of experience making Nihede Beer.


02:12 22 May , 2024