Okinawa population increases

The Statistics Division of the Okinawa Prefecture Department of Planning has announced that the estimated population of the prefecture was 1,435,233 as of Sep. 1st. The figure shows an increase of 783 from a month earlier, and 6,586 from the same date a year ago.

The division counted the number of households at 580,083 that’s an increase of 783 from last month, and 11,536 more than last year.

The municipality with the biggest population increase rate was Yonaguni Town, where the number of residents increased 13.87% from a year ago. Nakagusuku Village was the second with an increase rate of 2.68%.

On the other hand, the population decreased most in Tonaki Village that had 2.79% less people than last year, followed by Tarama Village where the number of residents decreased at the rate of 2.75%. Both are small remote islands.



18:29 17 Apr , 2024