Orion Beer honors new Yanbaru National Park

Orion Beer announced Thursday a plan to release special Orion Draft Beer in specifically designed cans to commemorate the opening of the Yanbaru National Park. The limited quantity beer will go on sale from Nov. 1, and the campaign includes a pledge to donate one yen per can to environmental preservation activities of Kunigami, Ohgimi, and Higashi Villages where the national park is located.

The design of the bees can is by Pokke104, an illustrator from Okinawa. It features drawings of a variety of endangered animals and plants living within the park, such as Okinawa rails, known as ‘Yanbaru Kuina,’ Okinawa Woodpeckers ‘Noguchigera,’ flowers and herbs.

Orion Beer Vice President Masamitsu Arakaki said, “The illustration reflects young sensibility, and is very good. We look forward to selling a million or more cans, and contributing to environmental protection.”

A representative of the Japan Environment Office of the Government of Japan said, “We would like to work together to make regional precious living things to nationally recognized ones.”

The Orion Draft Beer in the special cans will be on sale through mid November.


07:31 01 Mar , 2024