Ryukyu Golden Kings’ diary now on sale

Okinawa FamilyMart and Marumasa Printing Co. have collaborated to make “Okinawa Diary” as one of the cheering goods for the Ryukyu Golden Kings, the local pro-basketball team that plays in the new pro-basketball B. League. The A5-size diary with two different cover designs, will go on sale Oct. 1. The price is ¥1,300 including tax. The first edition of the diary is expected to sell 2,000 copies.

The diary dates start from September to match the start of the B. League season 2016-2017. It features the profiles of all 13 players of the Golden Kings and a message from each player, as well as a schedule of games.

It also contains information on FamilyMart, including a history of FamilyMart being the first in the nation to sell fried chicken and coffee in an in-store café. It also presents the story of their commercial songs and a ¥300 discount coupon. The Lunar calendar dates are also incorporated that match traditional events and festivals in Okinawa.

Both Okinawa FamilyMart and Marumasa Printing Co. are official sponsors of the Kings. Okinawa FamilyMart President Masato Nozaki says that they would like to promote and cooperate with the Kings more, and they intend to make the diary an annual project.

Masaaki Yonaha, the president of Marumasa Printing, says that he would like the Kings’ present and future fans to use the diary both for private and business purposes.

Junichi Yasunaga, a director of the Golden Kings, says that, by using the diary, they would like to make the Kings a part fans’ daily life.


02:02 27 Feb , 2024