Stranger attempts to kidnap elementary school student

A stranger attempted to kidnap an elementary school boy into his car in the Kuba district of Nakagusuku Village Monday morning.

According to Ginowan Police, a man grabbed the 5th grade elementary school boy by the arm and tried to drag him into a car about 8 a.m. on Oct. 24. The boy was able to twist himself free when the man tried to push him into the car back seat, and ran away. The man also drove away from the scene.

According to the boy, after coming out of the door of his house, the man grabbed his arm and dragged him to his car that was parked about 10 meters away from the house. After managing to get free, the boy run away from the car and back into the house after confirming the man was not in sight. The boy says he doesn’t know the man at all and says it was very scary.

Ginowan Police and the Nakagusuku Board of Education have advised parents to be cautious about suspicious men in the area. According to the Nakagusuku Board of Education, the man wore black clothes, a cap, sunglasses and mask.


06:23 01 Mar , 2024