Survey: Okinawa 4th most attractive prefecture

Brand Research Institute Inc., a private think tank in Tokyo, published Wednesday results of its survey of most attractive municipalities and regions in Japan in 2016.

Hakodate City in Hokkaido came in first place for the third consecutive year as the most attractive municipality in the nation. The shinkansen bullet train line was extended to Hokkaido in March, and Hakodate that is the first stop of the bullet train on the Hokkaido side, and has become increasingly popular as a sightseeing spot. Hokkaido also was named the most attractive prefecture for the 8th consecutive year. Okinawa was on the 4th place, the same as last year.

According to the Institute, Hakodate is well known and evaluated high for its regional resources like history and local food. Toshiki Kudo, the mayor of Hakodate City, said, “Since the inauguration of the shinkansen train to Hokkaido, more and more tourists from in and outside of Japan have been visiting our city making it full of vibrant energy. We would like to continue to increase the charms of Hakodate.”

Among municipalities, Tokyo was deemed the 2nd most attractive city, while Sapporo was the 3rd. Naha was in the 30th and Okinawa City in the 45th place. Yonaguni Town was the 67th.

Among prefectures, Kyoto was in the 2nd place after Hokkaido, Tokyo was the 3ed. The least attractive prefecture was Ibaraki for the 4th consecutive year.

This year the survey was conducted for the 11th time. The survey covers 1,000 municipalities and Japan’s all 47 prefectures. The survey is copnucted on the Internet, and participants are asked to evaluate the attractiveness of the participating municipalities and prefectures using a five-grade evaluation system. About 30,000 men and women in their 20’s to 70’s from all parts of Japan took part in the survey.


09:40 17 Apr , 2024